Penguin Facts

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Mainly, penguins have a limited habitat. They mostly are considered as living in Antarctica, however there are a few penguin species which might be found on the cold coast areas of South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. There is also a sort of penguin which lives on the Galapagos Islands, and they’re called Galapagos penguins. Nevertheless, no penguins live in the Arctic. The largest types of penguins would be the Emperor Penguins, which might become really large as an adult, and attain a mean of 48 inches when full grown. The smallest penguin is referred to as the Rockhopper penguin, which merely reaches twelve inches in height typically.

Penguins do their hunting and feed in the water. There is not much food available on the frozen Antarctic ice, so they’ve to go under water to find food. A standard penguin diet is composed of fish, squid or krill. A penguin is a good swimmer and can dive very deep under water, holding its breath for a few minutes submerged. As The March of the Penguins picture demonstrated to us, Emperor penguins have a really distinctive and fascinating breeding cycle. Penguins breed just once each year, and after that only in particularly selected areas called rookeries, which serve as fertile ground for the penguins.

Much like any other animals, a penguin contributes to the same rookery annually to breed. Penguins will occasionally travel 60 or 70 kilometers or more just to get to the rookery. After the penguins get into the breeding grounds, the male and female penguins will begin flirting with one another and lastly find their ideal match for a mate. The female penguin just lays one egg. After laying exactly the egg, exactly the female penguin cautiously provides exactly the egg to exactly the male, who then holds it along with his legs so it’s not going to touch the ice. The male penguin hangs his large stomach over exactly the egg to cover it and keep it warm from exactly the high winds and freezing chilly weather.

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